A 12 week programme

Take frustration out of your job search

Our presenters are experts in their field. Classes take place in a supportive environment. We include workshops to help you master skills and techniques that will improve your employability.


At weekly meetings 2.5 hours in length, you'll learn and practise a new skill (or improve one you have already) and network with people in the same situation as yourself. It's a lot less lonely than sitting at home in front of your computer.


And it's free!* Room for Work is a charity supported by volunteers.

(*But we do ask for a small voluntary contribution to help the charity. We also ask for a £10 donation for the textbook. In either case, you do not need to pay anything if you feel you can't.)

Here's what you'll learn:

  • Current job search methods and ways to find "hidden jobs"
  • How to write an effective CV for the job you want
  • How to use social media, especially LinkedIn, to find work and promote yourself
  • Speaking skills that will sell your experience and capabilities
  • How to analyse and activate your network
  • How to master competency-based interviews
  • Self-employment options that work

COURSE SCHEDULE Spring/Summer 2017                                              

APR  18
Effective Job Search
Improve Your Speaking Skills
MAY   2 
Career Transitions
Analyse Your Skill Set
CV Workshop
Freelance Options
JUN   6  
Social Media for Job Search
Your LinkedIn Profile
HR and Interviews
JUL    4
Answering Tricky Interview Quesions
Interview Workshop